$25. A new outfit a month. Endless possibilities.

I got hooked on saving money partially out of necessity and the challenge of making the most out of a tight budget.  I started this blog because I want to share my venture into finding great fashion for the least amount of money possible. 

I have found the following for under $5. 

1) a set of owl and wing earrings for $1.99 – new. 

2) A yellow skirt and two flowered skirts for 2.99 – Charlotte Russe

3) A Billabong sweatshirt for $1.00 – Plato’s Closet 

Those amazing finds are only a sampling of the treasures I have found!  

My fashion sense:  I enjoy wearing simple garments with bright colors, comfortable fabrics and making them pop out with interesting pieces of jewelry.  

A little more about me:  I am in my 30s and I live near a major city in the Midwest.  

My fashion philosophy:  Have fun with what you wear and pay attention to the way clothes fits your proportions. 

Look forward posting my first outfit soon!  


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